Let Food Be Thy Medicine…

“Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food.” Hippocrates 


There is so much confusion out there about this diet and that diet. I hear many say, “I’m just a meat and potatoes person. That’s how I was raised.” Then we fast forward to later years and we find our health out of balance, our weight out of control and we feel much older than we actually are.


What is the answer? Many of us went through our diet yo-yo stages. We tried every supplement out on the market. We could have our own health store with all the supplements in our medicine cabinet. Then we just scratch our heads and think…. why isn’t any of this working. The Doctor says we should eat this way yet, we are continuing to be prescribed more medications.


Do you ever ask the question….. is all this intended just to keep making me sicker? 


It’s a roller coaster ride with our health and we just want the TRUTH! We just want answers and to get to the root of the issue.


I am here to tell you that you are correct in questioning the truth and getting to the root could almost be the easiest answer you could imagine! It’s not about all these supplements and this diet and that. It’s about going back to the basic foundations of our health. Supplements are sometimes needed to undo and help where our bodies are out of control but FOOD can be our medicine. Food is medicine.


I believe in the basics of health. I too have tried so many diets and read hundreds of books on how to turn my health around but there is one book that we know we can stand on. God gave us the instructions for good health but we are continually distracted elsewhere. This is the ultimate distraction to keep us sick, tired and from the plan God has for us.


Is it going to take work on our part? Yes!! We have had years of training to look away from the 8 basic foundations of health. Let’s turn back to them. Let me help you do just that.



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