Gut Health Quiz

Is my gut healthy?

This assessment will give you some insight into the current state of your gut health. 

For each of the 10 questions, select the answer that applies to you.


How often are you troubled by gut symptoms (eg. Constipation, bloating, heartburn?)

Less than once a month (3 points)

1-3 x per month (2 points)

1-2 x per month (1 point)

3 or more times per month (0 points)


Do you take regular prescription medication or over-the-counter medication?

No (2 points)

Yes (0 points)


Are there significant health conditions that run in your family (eg. Heart disease, diabetes)?

No (2 points)

Yes (0 points)


How many different plant-based foods do you eat each WEEK? (Plant-based foods include vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, nuts, and seeds)

Fewer than 10 (0 points)

10-19 (1 point)

20-29 (2 points)

30+ (3 points)


Are you avoiding any foods because of food intolerance (suspected or diagnosed)?

No (2 points)

Yes (0 points)


In the past two weeks, how would you describe yourself?

Happy (2 points)

Neutral (1 point)

Unhappy (0 points)


How often do you become unwell with viruses like colds or the flu?

Fewer than 3 times per year (2 points)

Once every 2-4 months (1 point)

At least once a month (0 points)


How often do you exercise (for a minimum of 30 minutes, moderate intensity)?

Less than once a week (0 points)

1-2 times per week (1 point)

3 or more times per week (2 points)


How many hours do you sleep each night, on average?

5 hours or fewer (0 points)

Between 5 -7 hours (1 point)

7 hours or more (2 points)


How often does stress negatively impact you?

Less than once a month (2 points)

1-3 times per month (1 point)

Every week (0 points)


Score between 0-20

The higher your score, the healthier your gut is (and the healthier you are likely to be, in general)


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