Dawnya M Bricker

My deepest desire is to live a life pleasing to God. I love music, playing the piano and being a worship leader. Being a wife and mom is my most cherished achievement. I love preparing healthy delicious meals and supporting healthy living naturally for my family. I also love helping and inspiring others to live their best life in freedom from emotions, fear, guilt and health issue dragging them down.

I've studied and researched natural health over the past 25 years in order to help myself, my family and my friends in their own journeys. I finally decided to become certified as a Natural Health Professional so that I could truly understand how to work and help others get to the root of their issues. I believe that if you give the body the right conditions, it can heal itself. When you work to uncover the symptoms and actually get to the root issue, you will create a waterfall effect on your health.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you and believe that together and with God's help, we can truly find help with your health struggles. Reach out for a free 15 min consultation to learn more about what this could mean for you.

Milk Cows

Milk, which is better: Raw, Organic, Conventional?

Navigating the grocery store can be overwhelming. Especially when you are trying to choose healthier choices. Let’s take a closer look at milk. Conventional, organic, raw, pasteurized, whole, how do you choose? I grew up on a dairy farm. Back then, we didn’t think about organic, non-GMO, grass-fed, and all the terms we hear today. …

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